Pod Cast Recorded Every Wednesday And Thursday Night During The 470 ARG Net.









We have two nets each week, one on Weds at 8:00 pm to around 10:00 pm ET, which is ASK A ELMER & TECH Net with KD4CR as NCO, and Thursday evening at 7:30 pm to 11:00 pm ET, with several net controls, N4JTQ, KI4YCJ, KI4CDA, KD4CR, K4AR,and KN4DZL, our nets are family friendly, and encourage young and old amateurs, ladies, and our young amateur radio operators as well as 3rd party. We are also on streaming audio and can listen in, and make comments or ask questions here on the Facebook Page at http://www.broadcastify.com/listen/feed/26928 , that Brady Farley has provided for the 470 ARG..The same rules apply to this Facebook and any sister Facebook Pages with the group. Page as any of the WB4GBI repeaters, which you can read on his website as well as seeing the many repeaters he has provided for the amateur radio community in East Tennessee..This again is a open group, you can join by request, and welcome all to participate in both the net and our facebook page..our FB managers are: Tim Berry, WB4GBI Repeater Owner Rick Sawaya, N4JTQ Mgr Cathy Sawaya, KI4YPO Mgr Bert Rollen K4AR Mgr Charlie Spickard KI4CDA Mgr Danny Coin KI4YCJ Mgr Bryan Lamb Mgr K4BCL Charlie Rogers Mgr KD4CR Zach KN4DZL NCO The 145.470 has a tone of 118.8 when needed,but is off during the nets,This is a high profile repeater and covers several states..Our contact e mail is , 470fbarg@gmail.com , Thank You for your support of the 470 ARG and all of our groups..N4JTQ

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